Dentures: Questions And Reassuring Answers

You might have a significant amount of questions regarding full dentures because you really want to restore your smile after complete tooth loss … but you have a long list of worries about selecting this prosthetic. On one hand, you hear that they will provide you with many benefits that you need right now, such as replacing all of your teeth, doing so with efficiency, and offering a financially sound solution. However, it’s that other stuff that’s not exactly been answered yet that makes you a bit standoffish. Let our Q&A session get you headed in the right direction and then come in to meet with our team in Virginia Beach, VA for a more thorough education!

Questions and Answers

Question: Won’t my smile look very artificial if I choose full dentures? My vision of this prosthetic makes me think that they will.

Answer: No. Your smile will not look artificial! It will look exceptionally natural, thanks to the use of modern day, high quality materials. We encourage you to shake free of any images or ideas you’ve been holding onto regarding dentures: They’re probably outdated!

Question: I know that full dentures will replace my teeth, so I have my smile back. However, am I going to actually be able to eat with them in place? Or, are dentures more for the esthetic improvement but not really very functional?

Answer: This is asked of our team very frequently. We know that in addition to wanting a smile that looks beautiful again, you need one that provides you with the function you want back, so that you can feel comfortable talking with your friends, family, and more again and so you can eat, too! Not to worry: Dentures offer a stable replacement solution, so you can get back to life as usual.

Question: If I decide to choose full dentures right now, does that mean that I’m stuck with them forever? What if I decide that I want dental implants or an implant-retained denture in the future? Will it be too late?

Answer: No, you’re not stuck with dentures forever. This is a wonderful way to restore your smile to completion, whether you know you want dental implants in the future, you think you might want them, etc. You may always change your mind. Bring this up, so we can speak with you about the details!

Choose Dentures With Us To Complete Your Smile

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