Very Easy Daily Goals: Dental Care Edition

Everyone has so much to remember to do everyday that compiling lists can become overwhelming. To help you keep your dental care consistent and to help keep you from feeling like it’s too much to handle, we encourage stripping the details down to a streamlined and easy-to-accomplish system of daily goals. When you can meet the standards you set for yourself every day (which is quite easy to do), you know that you’ve got a solid and fantastic foundation that will allow you to keep your smile safe. Our Virginia Beach, VA practice can make this a reality for you!

Goal: Perform The Dental Hygiene We Suggest

When you’re curious about how to practice your best dental hygiene, our team is always ready to review the details with you. To make sure you’re doing what you need to do, remember that one goal should simply be checking off the daily details that help you get your smile clean (which allows you to keep it healthy through dental care). Every single day (really, every day) should include:

  • Brushing: Brush twice. In the morning. In the evening. Be gentle and thorough with your approach. This should take two minutes each session, four daily minutes total. It offers exceptional protection against lots of potential problems like cavities.
  • Flossing: It’s just once daily that you need to do this. As long as you’re delicate with the floss and you are thorough, you’re probably doing it right.

Goal: Ask Yourself How It’s Going

There’s a lot of value in checking in with yourself. This is true in many areas of life, including your dental care. It’s very easy to take a moment at the end of your day to ask yourself, “Hey, how is my dental hygiene going?” Otherwise, it often becomes all too easy to ignore little things that can lead to oral health problems. For instance, make note if any of your tissues feel uncomfortable while you brush or floss. Ask yourself if you came up with any questions during your session, whether about technique, products, etc. Keep these concerns and questions in mind and bring them up during your next visit.

Let Us Help You Make Your Dental Care Effective

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