3 Signs Your Toothache Is Serious

There’s a bit of tooth irritation … and then there’s a serious toothache. Did you know that when you’re dealing with any level of discomfort, it’s always a very good idea to take the time to see us? Even when you’re noticing a little twinge or pain, it can actually point to serious underlying causes that you will want fixed sooner than later. So, if you’ve been trying to just ignore your pain and play it off, rationalizing it away, you might be doing your oral health quite a disservice. Particularly when pain is severe, it’s very important that you see us. So, how to know if your issue has become serious? Let our Virginia Beach, VA team share some possibilities.

#1: It’s Keeping You Up At Night

Is your toothache making it difficult for you to sleep at night? Do you find that falling asleep is hard because your tooth hurts so much? Maybe you can fall asleep but once any medication wears off that you take (or once you’ve simply been sleeping for some time), you wake up in pain? This isn’t normal. This means that it’s most certainly a serious problem and that you really need to come in to see us for restorative care! Just call us up and let us know what you’re experiencing.

#2: The Suggested Dosage Of Pain Medication Isn’t Enough

Our team wants you to remember that it’s okay to treat a toothache as it begins with pain medication but only if you also have a plan to come see us. We certainly don’t want you sitting at home waiting for your visit in pain. However, if you have a serious tooth pain problem, then you’re probably noticing that even the full dosage isn’t enough to take the edge off or make the discomfort go away. This means you need our care and you need it soon!

#3: It’s Interfering With Your Day, Too

A major sign that you are really in need of scheduling a dental checkup with us for your toothache as soon as humanly possible? You cannot take care of your daily tasks and get through your usual schedule with ease because your tooth pain is getting in the way. Guess what this means? Time to call us!

See Us For Toothaches The Moment They Occur

Don’t try to wait and hope for the best with toothaches. Instead, set up an appointment with us immediately, so we can find the cause and fix your tooth. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.