Dental Implants And Age: Things We Hear A Lot!

You may have some ideas about dental implants and age. They may have something to do with assuming most people within a certain age group are going to require them. Or, they may have something more to do with figuring they’re for patients of any age. In any case, setting the record straight when it comes to the amount of time you’ve lived on Earth and what that might have to do with replacing missing teeth with implants and restorations can prove extremely insightful and helpful for curious individuals. Remember, if you have additional questions or think implants might be for you, calling up our Virginia Beach, VA team to set up a visit is easy!

Wondering If Most Mature People Will Need Them

You may just naturally assume that as people get older, they lose their teeth. Since you figure that most older individuals are going to experience tooth loss, you may then assume that dental implants will become something that you will probably need to consider once you enter that period of your life. The truth is, losing teeth doesn’t actually come with getting older just as a result of aging. It may seem more of a frequent event because teeth can only last so long if they aren’t cared for with consistent attention to detail (so, finally, they will need to be removed). You can actually have your healthy smile as it is right now for the rest of your life. In short: You’re not necessarily going to require replacement options for your teeth! However, if you do, implants are something you may access throughout all of adulthood.

Figuring They’re Not For Children

You might assume that dental implants aren’t for children. Your assumption in this case is absolutely correct! They work well for adults because adult jawbones are done growing. However, since this is not the case for children, implants do not present a suitable solution, whether your child is missing a tooth due to heredity, due to trauma, or any other reason. So, when do children who need replacement teeth become eligible for an implant and crown, you wonder? This takes place when jaw growth is finished. Generally speaking, that will probably be around the time your child is somewhere between 18 and his or her early twenties.

Gather Up Dental Implants Details During A Visit With Us

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