Skinny Teeth, Spaces, Gaps Q&A: What Should I Do?

Depending on how you look at your smile, if you have any amount of little open areas between two neighboring teeth, you may say that you have gaps. You may call them spaces. You might think your teeth look very skinny. Whatever the case, the one thing you might not have the words or know-how for may be what to do about this issue. Should you treat the spaces with cosmetic dental care? Should you just ignore them? While this may present a bit of confusion at the start, a quick visit with our Virginia Beach, VA practice will set things right!

Questions and Answers

Question: What should I do about the spaces in my smile? They’re tiny and I don’t think they’re really causing me a problem. However, is it important that my teeth touch?

Answer: When it’s esthetic in nature, which means it’s not doing anything bad to your oral health but it simply affects the way your smile appears, then there’s no need to do anything about it. However, if you decide you find the way your smile looks to be less than desirable, then certainly: Talk with us about cosmetic dental care.

Question: Are my teeth just really skinny? Or, is it the fact that there are gaps between my teeth?

Answer: Generally speaking, if you have spaces between your teeth, this is creating the illusion that you have skinny teeth. When you visit us for cosmetic dental care in the form of veneers or dental bonding, we make it look as though your neighboring teeth touch. Once we create this bit of widening, your teeth will look in proportion with your smile and your other features and you’ll no longer feel like your teeth look quite so narrow! Curious about whether this might work for you? Call our team today!

Question: Is it ever bad to have gaps in one’s smile?

Answer: If it’s not just an esthetic issue but you have a very wide gap, you have missing teeth, or you find that keeping these spaces clean is nearly impossible, then it can negatively impact your oral health. In such cases, we may suggest you seek cosmetic dental care from us!

See Our Team To Close Your Smile Gaps

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