Extractions: Why You Absolutely, 100 Percent Don’t Need To Worry

When the answer to your oral health woes is that you need a dental extraction, you might find that instead of feeling relieved and ready to get going with care, you instead feel more upset, more worried, and very full of questions. We understand. This is a very common reaction! However, while you’re completely justified in your emotions, our Virginia Beach, VA team wants you to remember that there is truly, absolutely nothing to worry about. There is, however, everything to feel good about! Let us explain the details!

You’ll Be Numb!

We know. When you think about your dental extraction, you start to worry about it because you think it’s going to hurt. You think that you’ll feel anxious even if you’re not usually nervous. If you deal with dental anxiety, you really worry about your nerves. Let our team reassure you in one fell swoop: You will have numb oral tissues. There’s absolutely no reason to worry about the sensations that come with an extraction because we are completely dedicated to keeping you comfortable and relaxed. Have questions about the process? Just ask us!

You’re Not Going To Be Left Without A Tooth Plan

You aren’t going to go home without having already had any sort of discussion with our team about a tooth replacement. Whether we have agreed on the final decision for replacing your tooth after your dental extraction, the solution will definitely be something that’s in the works. Remember, the extraction is an initial step. It will be followed by replacing your tooth with a lifelike prosthetic, such as an implant and restoration.

Recovery Is Quick And We Will Guide You Through It

Yes, we also know that you may feel worried about recovery. You may have to eat soft foods for just a bit and you won’t be able to use a straw. “How on earth will I know what to do?” you may wonder. “Will it be difficult?” Fortunately, it’s actually very easy. We provide you with a complete list of instructions and you will discover that you bounce back very quickly after a dental extraction! Again, if you have questions before or after your procedure, simply bring them to our attention!

Ask Your Extraction Questions Of Us Today

When you have questions about your dental extraction or are feeling a little anxious, let us know. We can quickly help you feel calm and confident! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients from Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.