Restorative Care: The Consequences Of Procrastination

Are you really so sure about how seriously procrastination can impact your oral health when you drag your feet on restorative care that you need? It might occur to you that putting off your necessary smile care isn’t a good idea. However, you might not realize until it’s too late that if you don’t act with urgency, you may end up the recipient of some pretty serious consequences! Consider what our Virginia Beach, VA team has to say.

You Might Need To Begin At Square One

Let’s say you know that you need to set up your restorative care visit with us because we have suggested a treatment. However, you don’t. You wait. And you wait. And…you get the picture. Unfortunately, when you finally decide that you’re going to schedule your visit, you might need to start all over again. You’ll need a checkup with us, so we can determine whether the initially suggested treatment will work for you or if you need something different because the problem has advanced, changed, or affected additional tissue.

You Might Have To Spend Even More Money

Yes, the more intensive the restorative care treatment you need, the more it’s going to cost you. So, if you’re a fan of keeping your money to yourself and using it how you’d like, you might want to get serious about fixing up your smile ASAP.

Fixing A Problem Might Take More Time

Just like you’re going to spend more money dealing with a problem if you put it off for too long, you will likely find you end up spending more time handling it, as well. You’ve already procrastinated and dragged out the entire experience. Now, your root canal and crown (instead of a filling) will take up more of your day!

You Could Lose A Tooth

When all other restorative care treatments are just not going to be enough to rescue your tooth, there may be no additional rescue left. Instead, what you end up requiring is a tooth extraction. This, of course, is not the end of your world. Once the extraction is complete, you can receive a replacement. However, you can also avoid all of this serious dental care and instead save that tooth of yours by simply acting with urgency.

When A Problem Shows Up, Come In For Care Immediately!

Don’t wait when what you need is to see our team for restorative care. We offer gentle, compassionate, efficient care to solve your oral health problems with ease. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.