Compelling Reasons To Consider Curbing Your Caffeine Intake

Do you love your daily dose of caffeine? Is it not so much the caffeine that you’re into but the beverage that makes every morning (and afternoon and evening) that much more enjoyable? Of course, we understand that you have your routine, your favorite things, and that a little bit of caffeine can be A-OK for many individuals. We encourage you, however, to think about whether spending a bit of energy curbing the amount you consume might be to your advantage and to the benefit of your oral health. Haven’t really thought much about it before? Our Virginia Beach, VA team might have some ideas you find compelling!

It’s Not Helping Your Sleep Apnea Experience

If you’re chugging the caffeine, it might not keep you up at night. However, if you’re someone who is sensitive to it, then it can absolutely mess up your ability to enter sleep. It may wake you up. It can do all sorts of things to the sleep that you wish you were getting. Remember, when you’re experiencing sleep apnea and receiving treatment, you don’t want to cause any additional problems for your sleep! So, cut back on the caffeine to see if it helps.

It’s Making Bruxism Even Worse

You know that your bruxism disorder isn’t something you can stop just by thinking about it or hoping for the best. You really need treatment from our team. What you can do unintentionally, though? You might make it worse with your choices, particularly if you’re going overboard with caffeine. It stimulates your muscles to contract, which means more grinding and clenching, which isn’t good for your oral health. Ease up just to be on the safe side.

All That Coffee, Tea, Etc. May Stain Your Smile

If you’re drinking lots of caffeine … and that caffeine is in a staining drink … then the caffeine isn’t what’s going to stain your smile. However, this may be the heads up you need to consider the fact that you may wish to switch to some other beverage for one of your daily stops for a quick refresh (like water!), so you don’t accidentally contribute to smile discoloration. Remember that many caffeine-included drinks like tea and coffee have strong pigmentation that can easily lead to yellowing and darkening over time! (Fortunately, of course, we can help whiten your smile, should you need it).

See Us For Smile Health Guidance

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