How’s That Flossing Technique Of Yours Going?

Yes, of course, the fact that you’re flossing every day like we ask you to is most certainly helping to protect your smile from lots of bad things like decay and gingivitis. Well, that is, assuming you’re actually successfully flossing your smile. If you’re not having success with this, then you may be trying to go through the dental hygiene motions but you may be missing out on some essential safeguarding because you’re leaving plaque behind (or, you’re irritating your gums!). Let our Virginia Beach, VA team help you check in on your habits and technique to be sure you’re getting it all done splendidly.

Are You Getting Beneath Your Gum Tissue…Or Not?

Are you making sure that you’re flossing beneath your gum tissue and not just between your teeth with a quick swipe of the floss? Our team hopes you recall this detail every single time you care for your smile! Your dental hygiene absolutely has to focus not only on cleaning the parts of your teeth that you can easily see but also that little bit of tissue at and beneath your gumline (where your gums meet your teeth).

Are You Extremely Thorough?

When you’re thorough, you can avoid problems like tooth decay and gingivitis. When you’re not thorough with your dental hygiene (or even if it’s just your flossing that isn’t quite complete), you’re opening the door for some serious smile health problems to begin occurring. You don’t want to deal with them, fillings, deep cleanings, etc. Instead, you want to simply enjoy a healthy smile that you maintain and that doesn’t cause you a bit of grief! So, be thorough. This means between all teeth. Behind back teeth. Take your time. It’s that simple.

Are You Being Gentle?

If you’re not being gentle, we will likely to be able to see evidence of this during your next dental checkup. Remember: Aggressive dental hygiene, whether flossing or brushing, is something to which your gums will respond poorly. They will “run” in the opposite direction, which is bad news for your oral health and the comfort you’re used to enjoying. Be gentle to avoid causing side effects.

See Us For Help With Flossing And More!

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