Thanksgiving: 3 Things To Ask Your Turkey Day Host

When you’re the one working and working in the kitchen, trying to time everything out just right, adding every single ingredient to each dish, and then presenting the Thanksgiving day meal to your party, you have all of the answers. However, when you’re enjoying a party hosted by someone else, you might know very little (or, perhaps nothing!) about what went into the prep work and exactly the type of ingredients that went into the meal. You may not even know what’s about to be served! Fortunately, our Virginia Beach, VA team is ready to help you! When you are prepared to ask some questions of your host, you can feel confident that you can very easily keep your smile health A-OK during Turkey Day.

#1: Hey, What’s In This?

Don’t be shy about asking your host questions about ingredients and more. You might want to ask if the dessert you’re about to enjoy has nuts in it. You may want to ask if any allergens are present. You may need to know if the fruit in your holiday spread has (or does not have) pits. This way, you can avoid allergic reactions, damaged teeth, and the list goes on in regard to your overall health and smile health!

#2: Can I Please Have Some Water?

One thing our team can always say for certain is that choosing water over other beverages is the best choice for your smile health. Something else we encourage you to think about? Even if you’ve got another beverage at the table or in hand during Turkey Day, you can ask for a glass of water, too! Why would you do this, you wonder? Well, to help you rinse not only the bits of food left behind on your smile (which can lead to problems like cavities) but also to help you rinse that wine, soda, hot cocoa, apple cider, etc. from your teeth, too! Remember: A smile rinsed with water is a much safer one during meal and dessert time!

#3: Will You Hold The (Sweet Topping) On Mine, Please?

Want to protect your smile health? Ask for your sweet potato without marshmallows, your apple slices without caramel sauce, etc. You’ll enjoy special holiday dishes without promoting decay.

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