Things That You Think Are The Same (But Aren’t)

Within the world of oral health, you may occasionally find yourself using terms or hearing them and wondering if you really know what they mean. You may also commonly find yourself faced with two terms that you assume hold the same meaning but that may not. As you know, our Virginia Beach, VA team would love to define terms and offer explanations when questions come up, so be sure to mention such details during your visits!

Dental Hygiene And Professional Dental Cleanings

You may think that the dental hygiene you’re performing at home, when you brush and floss your smile, is pretty much the same thing as the professional dental cleaning you receive when you come in for your preventive care visit. The truth is, these are not identical. You always need both. First, remember that you cannot only rely on our cleanings because you only receive them twice a year (and you need daily oral health protection). Second, you cannot rely only on your dental hygiene because no matter how exceptionally skilled or detailed you become with it, there will be some tartar that forms (that you can’t successfully remove but that we can).

Gingivitis And Periodontitis

You hear lots of words thrown around in regard to gum disease and, as a result, you may assume they all pretty much mean the same thing. Isn’t gingivitis really just the same thing as periodontitis? Actually, while they are both considered a type of gum disease, they are not identical either. The main distinction is that gingivitis is the first stage of disease that is curable, while periodontitis is the “full” stage of gum disease, in which the inflammation and infection affect not just your gum tissue but also all of your periodontal tissues, including gums and even your jawbone. Periodontitis is something that can be treated long-term but it cannot be completely removed.

Partials And Bridges

Yes, both of these prosthetics help your oral health in that they replace partial tooth loss. However, they are not the same. A partial is a partial denture. It’s removable and it can help you replace pretty much any type of pattern of loss. A bridge is a dental bridge. It is fixed and can only replace teeth that are no more than three in a row.

Learn About Terminology When You Visit Us

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