3 Things That Can Make Flossing Miserable

If you think that flossing is the worst, then it probably has something to do with the way you’re doing it, something that’s going wrong, etc. On its own, flossing is a quick, comfortable, and effective part of your dental hygiene. It’s quite a neutral thing. It should feel okay and it should not be difficult. So, you ask yourself: What’s the problem? Since our Virginia Beach, VA team happens to have years and years of experience in this field of care, we think we have some very helpful ideas that may illuminate the underlying concern, thereby allowing you to actually like flossing for once! Need help? Just ask for it!

#1: Something Is Wrong With Your Smile

If your gums are inflamed or infected, then it’s very likely that they will bleed when you floss. Or, they will feel quite uncomfortable (or both). Then, it’s also quite possible that if you are dealing with some other issue, such as tooth decay, that flossing will hurt. So, if you find you are miserable because flossing doesn’t feel good, we remind you: Dental hygiene is not supposed to feel bad. When you recognize that any part of this preventive home care causes you pain, call us and set up a visit!

#2: You’re Using A Teeny Piece Of Floss

If you aren’t familiar with the details, we remind you that you should absolutely be using more floss than you probably think you need. The suggestion is usually around a foot and a half of floss. If you’re using such a small piece that you have trouble even holding on to it and it’s getting wet and slippery, then this dental hygiene dilemma is solved: Use more next time and you will see that this can be a quick and easy part of your day!

#3: You Have No Idea What’s Going On

You know that you’re supposed to floss your smile to complete your dental hygiene. You know that you should use dental floss. However, if that is where your knowledge of preventing smile concerns ends with this part of your hygiene, then you definitely need some additional information. Feel free to ask for a demonstration and advice during your next visit! We can show you how to properly bend the floss, thoroughly cleanse your smile, and discuss which floss will work for you!

Let Us Know If You Require Flossing Assistance

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