3 Things You Don’t Want For Christmas (And What To Do)

There are a few things we are betting you’d rather not get for Christmas. If you think that we’re talking about preferences regarding getting a blue sweater when what you really wanted was a red one, etc., think again: We’re talking about your oral health! Before you forget all about that smile of yours because you’ve gotten so wrapped up in the joy of holiday time, we advise you: Take a stroll with our Virginia Beach, VA team through what’s going on with your smile this time of year, so you can be sure Santa doesn’t leave your teeth and gums with an unexpected “surprise” come Christmas morning!

#1: You Don’t Want A Cavity

We are fairly certain that you don’t want a cavity for Christmas! If you end up with tooth decay, then you’ll need a filling, and you probably don’t want to deal with that either. So, how to avoid this issue? It’s easy. Remember that throughout the holidays, all you need to do is what you are always supposed to do: Keep brushing two time daily, keep flossing one time daily, and plan to visit us on-the-dot for twice-a-year preventive visits. (Remember: Even skipping over your brushing and flossing session once can greatly increase the likelihood that you end up with cavities).

#2: You Don’t Want Gum Disease

You don’t want gum disease either! We are sure of it! Plus, we’re certain Santa would rather leave you a nice doll, train set, etc. So, here’s what you need to know to keep your oral health safe: Refer to the aforementioned details that help you avoid tooth decay. Yep, it’s the exact same suggestion! Brush and floss and keep those visits happening. It’s easy!

#3: You Don’t Want Damage!

You will hear us talk to you about this every single year and possibly during every single holiday. Why is that? Well, because when festive times of the year show up, so do lots of treats. Those treats are often a complicated mix of foods that could potentially harm your teeth. Maybe they’re full of sugar. Maybe they’re rock-hard (think assorted nuts). Whatever the case, you want to beware of them, so your oral health stays A-OK and you avoid damage. Keep these easy tips in mind:

  • If it’s too hard, put it back and try something easier on your teeth
  • If it’s too sticky, don’t eat it
  • If it’s very sugary, rinse with water once you’re through enjoying it

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