3 Times The Answer Is: Brush Your Teeth!

You might think that there are going to be instances in which we offer you some very magical answers to the questions you have about your oral health. What may surprise you, though the whole of dental care is quite advanced and you may occasionally need something nearly magical from time to time, is that usually, the answer is a simple one. In fact, there will be lots of times when the answer to your question or concern is going to just be: Brush your teeth! Curious about when this might be the solution? Review some instance with our Virginia Beach, VA team!

#1: When Food Is Stuck Between Your Teeth

When food is stuck between your teeth, you may feel very frustrated. Nobody likes this feeling! You know that if you were to ask us about how to handle this in person during a cleaning and checkup, we would tell you to floss. We would probably also mention that you should rinse vigorously with water. Did you know that we would also suggest the following: Brush your teeth? It’s true. All of the aforementioned will help you dislodge food, so be sure to try all of them before you visit us for help.

#2: When You Want To Protect Your Smile’s Shade And Health

Want to keep your smile healthy and white? You might think that there are some exceptional secrets. Beyond whitening to get a stained smile brighter, keeping that brighter grin white and clean requires the following: Brush your teeth! (Floss and see us, too, of course).

#3: When You Wonder If You Have To Brush Before Bed Even If…

You may have lots of reasons you come up with that will lead you to ask the question: “But what should I do if…?” For instance, maybe you want to know what you should do if you brushed after breakfast and you didn’t eat anything all day long but you did have some water. Evening time arrives and you are curious: What should you do about your second dental hygiene session for the day? The answer, of course, will be: Brush your teeth! Why? How to know if there’s some sort of exception? This is easy. Our team will always tell you to brush your smile in the morning and at night. Done!

Let Us Know If You Have Questions About Your Dental Hygiene

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