A Few Habits To Kick In 2019 For Your Oral Health

When we talk about habits you should kick in 2019 in order to protect your oral health, you may immediately think that our Virginia Beach, VA team is going to start talking about things like eating candy or chewing on ice. However, we’d like to take a broader look at some habits you may not even realize that you participate in and that can have a poor influence on your smile! By making some little changes in the new year, you can enjoy some massive improvements! Find out more!

#1: Being Off-And-On With Your Smile Care

You may think to yourself that you’ll just skip your flossing session this one time. Or, you may think that you’ll be better about scheduling and keeping your dental visits next year. However, next year comes, and you realize that your oral health protection is spotty at best! What you might want to do in 2019 is kick your not-so-consistent smile care and instead realize that committing yourself to proper care is actually quite easy. When you’re brushing and flossing at home (every day as we recommend) and you’re seeing us (it’s only two times a year for effective prevention), you’re doing it right! See? So simple!

#2: Pushing Your Teeth To Their Limits

Do you tend to do something until consequences arise? For instance, do you push your luck frequently with your smile? Maybe you often eat things that you know could crack or damage your teeth but when you make it through unscathed, you figure it’s perfectly okay (but then you do it again). Maybe you bite your fingernails and you know you shouldn’t but you haven’t seen any serious damage yet. First, remember that you cannot always see the slow progression of damage that’s occurring. Remember, too, that you may have simply been lucky so far. For 2019, kick your habit of putting your smile in harm’s way and instead, protect it!

#3: Putting Your Smile Last

Do you have a habit of putting your oral health care last on your list of priorities? How about other smile needs, such as cosmetic care that you’d really like? Consider kicking this habit and shifting your smile somewhere near the top of that list. You’ll be glad you followed our suggestion!

Schedule Visits To Make Your Smile A Priority

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