A Q&A: What’s Going Wrong With My Smile?

Sometimes, little things go wrong with your smile even though you figure you’re doing things correctly. When this happens, it can really feel upsetting because you have good intentions and you think you’re right on target with your efforts but alas … there are still consequences! Fortunately, you don’t have to do a deep search to find the helpful answers you require to set your smile back on a path toward good health. Instead, you usually just need to talk with our dental care team in Virginia Beach, VA to find out what’s going wrong, how to fix it, and then you’ll be able to regain easy smile maintenance!

Questions and Answers

Question: Why isn’t my smile staying white after I received teeth whitening?

Answer: You may hope that your smile remains bright white after you receive whitening but the truth is that is can become discolored again. The good news? If you provide your smile with dental care essentials, then you can easily prevent stains from developing (or at least help them develop much, much, much more slowly!). Remember, it’s all about prevention. So, you’ll need to brush and floss like a champion. You’ll still need to continue keeping up with dental visits for cleanings and checkups. Of course, if you avoid staining foods or limit them, that will help, too!

Question: Why am I getting cavities when I’m brushing and flossing like I’m supposed to at home?

Answer: If you’re developing tooth decay even though you are brushing and flossing, there are two likely problems. First, you are practicing dental care at home but you aren’t coming in for professional care, which is essential! Second, you aren’t cleansing your smile correctly and could use a dental hygiene review with our team! We will be glad to walk you through one during your next visit.

Question: Why does my breath smell bad?

Answer: This could happen due to many things. The primary reasons are eating smelly foods, failing to practice optimal dental hygiene, and developing oral health problems. For a final answer and dental care, too, come visit our team.

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