Limit Your Teeth’s Exposure To These Things

When you are focused on protecting your oral health, it’s easy to have a hard time figuring out what is safe and what isn’t. That’s because you may hear some general suggestions, the deeper details of which go missing. For example, you may hear that soda is bad but you don’t know why. You might hear that candy is bad but again, you’re not sure what makes it so dangerous. You know that you should avoid candy and soda but you think to yourself, there must be other foods, too, right? Our Virginia Beach, VA team is here to help you better understand those types of foods that you don’t want to leave teeth exposed to. It will make figuring out the specifics so much easier.


We know that you probably think that sugar is “bad.” This is fine. However, it’s not the fact that sugar is bad all by itself. Instead, sugar becomes negative for your oral health when it is left on your teeth for extended amounts of time. This means that anything that’s sugary, whether candy, fruit, or otherwise, is included in this category. So, what’s the problem? The issue is that sugar feeds bacteria, which then eat it and digest it. As they digest and release waste from their systems, they release it in the form of acid, which will coat your smile. This can lead to erosion and decay. So, if you eat something sugary, your best approach is to rinse it from your smile with water as quickly as you can. For additional protection, you will then want to brush!


You may find this strange. Why would you ever be intentionally exposing your teeth to acid, you wonder? Well, surprisingly to many patients, many of the foods and drinks you eat are actually acidic on the pH scale! Unfortunately, this is bad news for your oral health, as acids lead to the breakdown and damage of your enamel. So, here’s what you should remember: Most drinks that aren’t water or milk are acidic. Foods like tomatoes and more are acidic. Drink water with and after meal and snacks (and skip other drinks) and you should be just fine.


Oh, this one is easy. Brush twice a day and floss. That way, you’ll limit the amount of time plaque rests on teeth, which is the essential key to good oral health!

Let Us Better Help You Understand Smile Protection

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