Starch: The Frequently Overlooked Cavity Causer

You might hear the term “sugar” and immediately think of cavities. This is for good reason! Sugars are a type of carbohydrate, which is the main source of food that bacteria in plaque consume. Here’s the rundown on what happens when they eat those sugars: They digest them! Just like you digest food when you eat it! Then, they release acids (it’s their way of finishing the digestive process). Unfortunately for your oral health, this can lead to tooth decay. So, now you understand what happens when sugar sits on teeth but what about starches?

Why Do Cavities Form From Starch?

Surprise! Starches are a form of carbohydrates, too! This means that bacteria feed on the starch particles you consume, just like they feed on sugar particles. What might this include, you wonder? Starches usually include things like rice, flour, breads, cereals, cakes, etc. So, when you’re eating something like this, remember: Rinse with water afterwards, so you can avoid promoting tooth decay!

Is There Any Other Problem?

Yes! Another reason starches promote tooth decay and other problems is the fact that starchy foods are usually quite sticky when you eat them. For instance, imagine what happens when you eat a piece of bread. It becomes paste-like and gets stuck to teeth and often between teeth or on dental work. As a result, it remains touching your teeth for quite some time, which gives bacteria time to eat. You don’t want this. You want to remove it as soon as you can, so get into the habit of rinsing, brushing, and flossing if you need to.

What To Remember When You Want Something Sweet

We remind you that when you’re really craving something sweet and delicious, different types of candies, pastries, etc. will affect your smile in different ways. Why is that? Well, it’s because those foods that coat your smile or become stuck to or between teeth expose your smile to sugars for a longer period of time. The longer this exposure goes on, the greater the acidity in your mouth becomes. Then, the greater your chance of decay or gum disease. What to do, you ask? Reach for the treat that is most likely to rinse easily from your smile and to dissolve. For instance, jelly beans or cake (sticky then starchy) dissolve more slowly than ice cream or a chocolate bar!

Enjoy Your Life And Protect Your Smile With Our Advice

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