Winter Lips Care Tips: Family Edition

Who gets chapped lips? We all do, if we aren’t careful! Our lips do not have oil glands, which means their delicate skin is especially vulnerable to the effects of winter weather. Along with cold, blustery outdoor weather, there is the drying effects of indoor heat to contend with. And to top it all off, when skin is dry and irritated, the tendency may be to lick it and soothe it, which only makes the matters worse. Your caring dentist in Virginia Beach, Virginia knows how to protect lips at all ages.

Hydrate Lips by Drinking Water

This is good advice at any time of year, but it may come more easily to mind on hot summer days. Your body still needs plenty of water in the winter, so sip water frequently indoors, and encourage youngsters to drink water with you. When your body has adequate moisture, your lips will be more resistant to chapping

Apply a Barrier (with SPF Please)

For children old enough to apply a chapstick, keep plenty of barrier products handy. Unflavored products are preferable, as they limit lip-licking (which can further dry lips.) Petroleum jelly can also serve as a barrier, but lacks SPF protection, and isn’t as easy to carry around in coat pockets. Colored lipsticks also provide lip protection, for those who prefer them. 

Monitor Indoor Heat and Humidity

The dryness of indoor heat can aggravate chapped lips. An indoor humidifier in a child or adult bedroom can help counteract the dryness of heated indoor air.

Wrap Up

Wrap a bright scarf or muffler over the lower face when outdoors. Keep babies’ lower faces covered, and don’t linger outdoors. Zipped coats and turned up collars can also provide a physical barrier against drying wind.

Healthy Lips Are Part of a Beautiful Smile

Don’t let sensitive chapped lips keep you from your best smile. To schedule a family dentistry consultation, call Absolute Dental Care today at (757) 428-7440. Located in Virginia Beach, VA, we also proudly welcome patients of all ages from Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.