3 Goals You’re Achieving With Dental Cleanings

If you’re someone who has received dental care for some time, then you know that one of those things you are supposed to do is to schedule a dental cleaning two times every year. While you may have some idea that this is “good” and that you’re “supposed to” you might not necessarily know what you’re achieving as you sit in our chair for this part of your preventive visit. The wonderful news that our Virginia Beach, VA team is happy to share with you is that you’re actually accomplishing a whole host of goals by seeing us for cleanings! Learn more!

Goal #1: You’re Ridding Your Smile Of Tartar

We remind patients that dental cleanings are not just something you do because you’re checking in with us and might as well get your teeth cleaned. Instead, it’s the best way to have traces of tartar and plaque buildup removed from your teeth and beneath your gumline that you will miss at home. Remember that patients who take extremely good care of their teeth will still end up with a bit of tartar. We clear it away. The result? You’re achieving your cleanest smile that you can!

Goal #2: You’re Completing Your Annual Preventive Care

When we’re talking about suggested goals for each and every year as it applies to dental care, your professional preventive requirements will always include: Two preventive visits with our team! So, when you take the time to come in for your cleaning (and checkup), you can smile to yourself, knowing you are halfway to completing this important part of your smile care!

Goal #3: You’re Promoting A Problem-Free Grin

When you see us for your dental cleanings (which, as mentioned, are accompanied by your dental checkups), you’re accomplishing another important goal: You’re taking one of the big steps needed in order to promote a completely problem-free grin. When we clean your smile, you prevent hygiene-related problems. When we examine your smile, you protect it from everything! See us soon! It’s absolutely worth it.

See Our Team Twice Each Year For Cleanings

Keep in mind that when you take the time to see us for your two-times-every-year dental cleanings and checkups, you’re giving your smile an extraordinary dose of protection against problems like decay and gingivitis. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.