3 Things You Have to Know About Teeth-Whitening

Teeth-whitening is one of the more popular cosmetic dental treatments for several reasons. It’s highly convenient, so patients can enjoy the benefits of the treatment without having to drastically rearrange their schedules. It’s also highly effective, so it can address most common teeth stains. At our Virginia Beach, VA, dental office, we’ll first ensure that teeth-whitening is the best option for your smile, and then custom-design the most appropriate treatment for you.

It’s more convenient than you think

Professional teeth-whitening can be performed in two ways, each of which is designed to be highly convenient according to your needs and preferences. For instance, we can design a take-home kit that consists of customized trays and a supply of whitening gel. The kit allows you to apply the gel to your teeth for a couple of hours a day for 10-14 days, all from the comfort of home. If you prefer, we can also perform an in-office treatment during which we’ll apply the gel to the surfaces of your teeth and stimulate it with a special light. You can enjoy your brighter smile after just a single visit, which usually takes just over an hour.

It’s safe for your healthy tooth structure

The greatest benefit of professional whitening over store-bought options is that the solution is professionally designed for optimal results and safety. The significantly more satisfactory results mean you’re less likely to overuse or misuse the product, which could have negative results for your natural tooth enamel and structure (even for watered-down store-bought products). In addition to brightening your smile, professional teeth-whitening helps ensure that you preserve your healthy, natural teeth.

It often works – but not always

Another safety measure that comes with professional treatment is the assurance that it’s the right option before you apply it. Your visit will include a comprehensive examination that includes diagnosing the exact nature of your stains to ensure that teeth-whitening will work. If your tooth discoloration won’t respond to the treatment, then we can recommend a more appropriate treatment option to ensure optimal results.

Learn more about cosmetic teeth-whitening

Professional teeth-whitening isn’t just effective, it’s also highly convenient to make brightening your smile as minimally invasive as possible. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Absolute Dental Care office in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients from Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.