Common Between-The-Teeth Questions Answered

If you think that you may be one of the first pioneers to head into the territory of “why on earth do I have to clean between my teeth?” and related questions, our Virginia Beach, VA team is here to report: You are actually not the first! Nor will you be the last. Remember that just about everyone out there is experiencing similar frustrations, questions, and moments with dental hygiene. One second you may feel entirely happy to floss. The next, you may wonder why you really need to. It’s only natural! Fortunately, it’s only natural for us to step in, too, to help you better understand what’s going on with all of that cleaning-between-your teeth business.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why is it so important for me to clean between my teeth? Aren’t I getting my smile pretty clean when I brush twice a day?

Answer: Actually, you’re getting a good amount of surface area clean when you brush your teeth. You’re removing plaque and food particles from chewing surfaces and from the fronts and backs and sides of your teeth! However, you’re leaving buildup between teeth, no matter your approach.

Question: Why can’t I just rely on my toothbrush to do the cleaning? Isn’t this part of my dental hygiene just easy to extend by carefully wiggling the bristles of my toothbrush between my teeth to remove plaque and debris, etc.?

Answer: We realize that it seems like this should work. However, you need floss in order to thoroughly remove the plaque and food particles that accumulate in these areas. Your brush bristles cannot do this job correctly or accurately (particularly in hard to reach areas)

Question: Are there really going to be long-term consequences for my smile health if I brush but I don’t usually floss or is it more of a short-term problem with dealing with issues like cavities and bad breath?

Answer: There really will be both! In the beginning the build up of plaque, organic material, etc., will cause bad breath and can lead to decay or gingivitis. However, over time, such issues will become worse and can lead to the loss of your teeth!

Keep Your Teeth Clean With Our Helpful Care Suggestions

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