Dental Bonding And Contouring: Why Fix Associated Esthetic Issues?

You probably have a solid handle on what you can fix with dental bonding (it adds tissue) and with dental contouring (it removes tissue). However, you may wonder if there’s really any good reason to follow through with such cosmetic care. What’s the value of your decision, you ask, to make esthetic concerns better? Fortunately, feeling like your decision is worthwhile is something our Virginia Beach, VA team can assist you in doing with ease!

A Pointed Or Jagged Tooth

On one hand, you may already feel quite compelled to treat a pointed tooth or jagged tooth with dental contouring because you are really embarrassed by the way that it looks. Maybe you think it looks strange or vampire-like. Whatever the case, contouring to gently smooth your tooth into a softer and more pleasing shape is simple. In addition, consider the following thoughts on relying on cosmetic care for your smile: When your pointed tooth or jagged tooth is smooth, it is less likely to actually cause you any type of problem, such as stabbing your finger as you floss or stabbing your tongue as you chew!

A Short Tooth

Maybe you have one tooth that’s clearly shorter than the rest. You know from visiting with us that you are not stuck with this esthetic concern forever. Instead, you may come in for dental bonding, a cosmetic care treatment that will provide you with the means of extending the tooth. However, you ask: Is it worth it? Beyond the fact that you may feel better about the way your smile looks, it might actually make a difference in daily function. Perhaps your tongue slips through a bit when you speak, you have trouble eating sometimes, etc. When it also makes life easier, we ask, why not?

A Gap Between Teeth

Sure, you may think that your tooth gap looks cool. Or, you may be like many of our patients and you worry about your appearance only as a result of that space between your teeth. We know that in such instances, cosmetic care can work wonders for your confidence! Fortunately, filling such a space with dental bonding is a breeze. In addition, we remind you that if you have a gap, it can make things more complicated when you’re trying to practice preventive care. You may need to brush and floss more frequently because those spaces are amazing at grabbing and retaining bits of food! Fill that opening, so the gap is closed, and the problem is solved.

Consider Bonding Benefits With Us

When you think that dental bonding and contouring may provide you with the solution that your smile could use, we will be happy to review the potential benefits and reasons to pursue cosmetic care! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.