Fillings: 3 Things To Tell Yourself (Based On Personality)

There are lots and lots of personality types out there! Just hop online to seek out a test to find out what your unique set of characteristics mean about your personality type and you will find that there is an endless supply of information and pretty detailed analyses. As a result, if our Virginia Beach, VA practice simply says to each patient who has decay, “Come in for your dental filling, it’s very important!” this may not necessarily resonate. Instead, we know that you also need some measure of self-talk to help you feel confident about making this decision. So, with a light-hearted yet beneficial approach to assisting you, we offer a few personality types and motivation that just might work for you!

#1: The All-Logic Personality: This Will Solve My Oral Health Problem!

Would you say that you’re quite logical, analytical, etc., and that when you are facing any type of obstacle or decision, you are quite matter of fact about it? If so, then you are a logical thinker! For those of you dealing with tooth decay who require dental fillings, if you’re doing your best to give yourself a pep talk, remember the following: When you see us for a dental filling, this will end your tooth decay. The problem will be gone, you’ll be out of pain, and your smile will be healthy again. It’s an easy choice!

#2: The Emotion-Based Personality: It’s Gentle, Quick, And Easy

Perhaps as logical and thoughtful as you are about the facts, your personality type is more emotion based. Your feelings and sensations tend to take over as you make final decisions and weigh pros and cons. For you, our team suggests reminding yourself that dental fillings are gentle, they are actually very quick, and they’re easy to experience.

#3: The Stubborn Personality: I’d Better Not Ignore This!

Nope, you don’t let logic or emotion come into play. In fact, you prefer to simply turn your head the other way and pretend like you never even visited the dentist! We understand that for some, coping with a need to make decisions is frequently met with a stubborn response. Yes, you know you should do it but you don’t want to! Again, we understand. For you, we offer up the following: If you ignore the issue, there are serious consequences that may follow, such as a tooth infection that you won’t be able to ignore because it can become dangerous! See us for your filling and all will be well!

Take Care Of Your Decay With A Dental Filling

When tooth decay affects your tooth, the best practice for regaining your healthy smile and protecting the lifespan of your tooth is to come on in to see our team for a quick and beneficial dental filling. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.