How Accurate Is Your Knowledge About Toothpaste?

Do you think you’ve got quite the master-level knowledge of toothpaste at the moment? Or, would you readily admit that perhaps the education you have received has possibly benefitted the things you know (but gathering up some additional dental hygiene facts would likely be good for your smile)? Wherever you believe you fall on the spectrum of dental product knowledge, our Virginia Beach, VA team feels strongly that reviewing items and practices that make up the very foundation of your daily dental care is always something that will help you along in your journey toward maintaining excellent oral health. With that said, let’s check in on what you do (or maybe don’t) know!

Toothpaste Should Contain…

Our team hopes you will remember that there are some things your toothpaste should contain if you would like for it to provide you every last benefit you want from your dental hygiene (which, of course, means keeping your smile safe and healthy). Things to look for, so you know you’ve made a good choice, include:

  • Fluoride
  • Ingredients for sensitivity if this is an issue for you

Toothpaste Should Not Ever…

As you likely realize, what you don’t want to accomplish with your dental hygiene is to accidentally damage your oral health, to experience general irritation, or to really dislike the product. So, what are some of the things that you should never be able to say about your toothpaste, you wonder? Consider the following, so you have a positive experience:

  • Your toothpaste should not ever be something you dislike in regard to the flavor, the way it feels, or the texture. Find something you actually like!
  • It should never be abrasive. If it has abrasive ingredients, it can damage your smile (both teeth and gums!).
  • It shouldn’t be too strong for you. For instance, if it’s minty and you feel that it stings your mouth, find something else.

Toothpaste Should Be Distributed In…

Pea-size dollops. Believe it or not, you don’t need an inch-long serving of toothpaste in order to get your smile clean. Instead, this could actually be too much for effective dental hygiene. Instead, you want to use closer to just the right amount, which may be less than you assumed you required. Keep it to the aforementioned “pea-size” allotment for effective toothpaste use and a healthy smile.

Make Dental Hygiene Its Best

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