3 Things To Remember About Acids

On a moment-to-moment basis, while you’re enjoying life, eating meals and snacks, and experiencing your day, you’re probably not spending a lot of time thinking about acids and how they can impact your smile. While we don’t expect you to become obsessed with the notion of acid erosion (in which acids in your mouth wear down your protective, outer tooth layer), it is important that you are mindful of the particulars. Become a bit more informed today with our Virginia Beach, VA team’s information about acids and your oral health and you can easily incorporate extra smile protection into your life with ease!

#1: You Can Consume Acids

We know you don’t usually look at your glass of juice or coffee or soda and regard it as an enemy of your smile. That could sort of make your consumption of it less enjoyable. The same is true of things like marinara sauce on your spaghetti. However, it is very important for you to recognize that many foods and drinks (the aforementioned used as examples) are acidic, which means just eating or drinking them can be dangerous for your smile. We encourage you to limit acids when you can and to drink more water in place of other beverages to minimize the chance of acid erosion.

#2: Your Oral Bacteria Can Create Acids

You know that you brush and floss every day to limit plaque buildup and that’s part of why you receive dental cleanings, too. Are you certain about why? Let’s review the acid-related detail! The bacteria in that plaque love to consume carbs. When you eat them, they feast on what you’re consuming. Then, as is their natural process of digestion, they release waste into your mouth. Unfortunately, it’s in the form of harmful acids! So, remember this when you need a little extra motivation to follow through on dental hygiene to protect your oral health.

#3: You Can Rinse Acids From Your Smile

You may be surprised to learn that you can avoid all sorts of problems that are caused by acid by simply rinsing it from your smile! This doesn’t even require anything complicated. It’s just a matter of taking a mouthful of water and rinsing. Or, drink water after meals and snacks. You flush your mouth, you neutralize the pH, and oral health issues potentially caused by acids on teeth and gums become drastically minimized!

See Us For Help Avoiding Acid Erosion

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