Food: 3 Ways To Reach Your Goal And Protect Your Smile

Hey, guess what? We know that it can be very disappointing to realize that the foods you love or the texture you get a kick out of are actually really bad for your oral health. What a position to be put in, you may think to yourself! You have to choose between your very favorite indulgences on earth … even healthy ones in some cases … and protecting your smile! What to do? Fortunately, our Virginia Beach, VA team can help you cut out the drama, keep your smile health safe, and enjoy what you like by offering some helpful ideas for “try this not that” replacement options.

#1: Get The Crunch Factor Without Resistance

What’s that? You love crunchy foods but you have found that chomping through nuts, corn nuts, hard pretzels, and more is just not safe for your oral health at this point? Since you’re not too interested in breaking your teeth and requiring restorations like dental crowns, we think what you may want to do is hold onto that crunch factor but find foods that aren’t quite so resistant to being broken down. Consider the fact that popcorn is often a good treat, puffed products that are crunchy but quite airy will work well, and even sliced veggies are usually giving enough for you to crunch and break them apart with ease!

#2: Hydrate Without Smile-Damaging Acids

We are well aware that when what you want is to feel like you’re hydrating yourself, you reach immediately for the thing you’ve been convinced is best: Sports drinks! They claim to give you back your electrolytes, to hydrate you, and they usually taste pretty good thanks to flavoring. Unfortunately, just about any sports drink you find out there is going to be very acidic, which is bad for your oral health. If you are serious about cutting back on acids, then stick with water. It sounds obvious … but it really is quite hydrating and completely safe for your smile.

#3: Treat Your Sweet Tooth Without Sugar

When you have quite the sweet tooth, you may worry that cavities are a sure thing in the future, which is bad news for your oral health. While you may feel that nothing ever replaces sugar, xylitol most certainly can help you deal with your sweet cravings and it is actually good for your smile. Give it a try!

Protect Your Oral Health With Smart Choices

When it comes to the food you choose for yourself and eat on a daily basis, remember that there are usually best paths that will help you protect your oral health. Allow us to help during your visits! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and all surrounding communities.