Ways To Brush With A Gentler Approach

So, you visit our Virginia Beach, VA practice only to discover something shocking! We inform you that you’ve been brushing way too hard. You think to yourself initially that you thought this was a good approach! However, you quickly learn that aggressive dental hygiene is bad. Why? Well, because it can cause gum recession! It can remove some of your enamel over time, leading to damaged, weakened, and even stained teeth. Where to go from here? To begin, you’ll need to brush more gently and, of course, we are happy to offer you up some easy ways to make this happen.

Make A Mental (And Physical) Note

For starters, if you are brushing with a lot of pressure or you’re going quickly, you will want to make a mental note. Remember to think about your plan every time you pick up your toothbrush. That plan is, of course, to practice gentle dental hygiene. If you find that this is something you forget about until you’re through, then we suggest you use a physical note (like a sticky note) on the mirror or somewhere visible. Let it be a simple reminder like “Brush Gently!” and you’ll find it much easier to get through dental care without being too aggressive!

Track Your Progress

Another way to feel certain that you’re practicing dental hygiene that is nice and gentle is to track your progress. Instead of feeling so concerned necessarily with the before, you may wish to keep a calendar in the bathroom or a list. Every time you complete your session, write it down or check off that you brushed and that you did so gently. This can also help you ensure you’re brushing frequently enough!

Use A Timer

Sometimes, the only reason patients brush too roughly is because they are rushing. If you feel rushed, use a timer. Give yourself a bit more time. Remember that you need to brush for two full minutes. You’ll be standing there brushing for that time no matter what, so you can very easily relax and simply clean your smile in a delicate manner.

Switch To An Electric Toothbrush

Rather than relying on your usual manual toothbrush, for which you create all of the motions, you may want to try an electric brush. We wonder: Did you realize that since they make the strokes for you, all you have to do is carefully hold the brush over the tissue you want cleansed and then guide it throughout your smile? This makes it nearly impossible to overdo your dental hygiene!

Enjoy Improved Dental Care

When you need help with your dental care, which may include help with getting your dental hygiene right on target, you should remember that coming to see us for a checkup and asking questions is a smart move! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.