Minimizing Your Canker Sore Trauma!

Canker sores. They can cause all sorts of trauma. First, just having one show up in your mouth can throw off an otherwise lovely day, as you constantly feel the pinch of pain when you speak, smile, chew, etc. Then, there’s the fact that trying to figure out why on earth a sore developed out of the blue can feel quite challenging. Oh, not to mention trying to keep the sore untouched and un-aggravated is also quite a tall order! What to do, you ask our Virginia Beach, VA team? Well, we do happen to have some enlightening information!

Try To Stress Less

We know that you may not have ever connected your stress levels with your canker sores. The truth is that there’s no specific scientific reason that can pinpoint the cause of each sore. However, there’s a strong change that minimizing your stress will help minimize the recurrence of cankers! So, if you’re feeling stressed out, consider new management tools to protect your oral health and your overall well being!

Watch For Spicy Foods

Be kind to your canker sore. Avoid spicy foods, very hot foods, and anything else that may cause further irritation as you wait for it to heal!

Keep A Food And Product Diary

Like any other part of your body, your mouth may be sensitive to certain things, which can cause oral health problems! If you have an allergy to a particular food or product or even a sensitivity, it may lead to the development of a canker sore. So, when you discover this type of sore become a frequent visitor in your life, you may wish to keep a journal of the foods and oral hygiene products and even cosmetics you’re using. This may help you narrow down something that your mouth doesn’t respond well to, so you can remove products or foods one by one in an attempt to eliminate the cause or contributing factor.

See Us If It’s Becoming Problematic

Usually, canker sores are the type of thing that show up every now and then, they’re inconvenient and annoying, they don’t feel very good, but they tend to then quickly heal up on their own. If this changes into something else, as in you get them more often, they take longer to go away, they seem particularly intense or large, etc., then schedule a dental checkup with us to learn more.

Bring Your Canker Concerns Our Way

If you find that you are dealing with concerning canker sores or just one sore that is having a hard time healing, don’t be shy. Call our team as soon as you can to schedule a dental checkup for the care you require. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.