Why Your Very Good Brushing Isn’t Fixing Things

When you realize something isn’t quite right with your smile, if you are like many of our Virginia Beach, VA patients, you may immediately think that better brushing will take care of it! After all, you know that the foundation for a clean, brilliant, healthy smile is brushing (not to mention flossing), so it’s logical. You figure you’ll brush more, you’ll be better about it, and hopefully you will manage to scrub your oral health problems away! Unfortunately, this just isn’t how things work. Yes, brushing is essential to prevention but when you already have a concern, you need professional care!

You Still Have Sensitive Teeth

You might guess that your teeth feel sensitive because you haven’t been taking very good care of them. In such a case, we remind you that a couple things may be going on, neither of which is solved with more brushing:

  • First, you may have sensitive teeth because you’re brushing too much or too hard. Ease up and be sure you’re brushing just twice daily.
  • Second, you may have an oral health issue, from bruxism to decay, that is causing sensitivity. Brushing cannot fix them. Seeing our team can!

You Still Have A Cavity

If you’re dealing with tooth decay, you might think you’re going to be able to cure this oral health issue with your brush. Unfortunately, once decay begins, you cannot reverse it with your own efforts. Instead, you need to see us for a dental filling, during which we will removed damaged tissue, clear bacteria, and replace the missing tissue with composite.

Your Stains Are Still There

It makes perfect sense to try to brush away stains but this isn’t going to work! You can remove pigments from your teeth from what you’ve eaten throughout the day. However, remember that stains are not on top but within your outer tissue layer, so you need professional dental care (like whitening) for effective results.

You Need To Come In!

Did we mention that whatever it is you’re worried about in terms of your oral health, it’s reason to contact our team to schedule a dental checkup? Of course, you should absolutely keep brushing twice every day (and flossing, too, once a day) to keep up with prevention! As for fixing problems, we offer the dental care you need.

Receive Professional Care With Us

Pick up the phone and contact our team when you’re experiencing a problem with your smile. Though it is tempting to try to fix everything from discomfort to staining on your own, you require our help! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.