4 No-Nos For Your Tooth Replacement

Think you’re doing everything just right in terms of the tooth replacement you have received for your beautiful, complete smile? Feeling like you’d really like to slink away from this discussion because you just might not be doing your absolute best? To ensure you’re on the pathway toward a prosthetic that remains in lovely condition and a smile that stays nice and healthy, our Virginia Beach, VA team tosses a handful of no-nos out there for you to consider, so you know for sure whether you’re on track (or so you can quickly get there!).

#1: Avoiding Checkups

If you’re avoiding dental checkups, then you are not doing right by your tooth replacement! Remember, even though your replacement is composed of artificial material, it still needs maintenance just like anything else. The organic tissues surrounding it need to be seen every six months, too. Keep all aspects of your oral health safe by remembering to schedule these preventive visits with us!

#2: Ignoring Possible Damage Or Pain

What happens if you end up with a damaged tooth replacement, you ask? What if you deal with sudden discomfort that seems related to your prosthetic? One big no-no is to just ignore it. Remember, sudden changes like this provide you with a sign that’s saying, “Go see your dentist!” Otherwise, an initially very small problem can quickly turn into a big one.

#3: Saying You’ll “Do Better Tomorrow” With Dental Hygiene

You might not be keeping up with dental hygiene like you used to because you think the artificial tissue of your tooth replacement gives you some sort of advantage or extra time. However, the basis of optimal smile care has not changed for you! Instead, you need to brush and floss as suggested every day (and you need to clean your device as directed) for good results.

#4: Trying To Fix Things On Your Own

Nope, you absolutely should not be trying to fix any aspect of your smile on your own, whether that includes natural tissue or your tooth replacement device. It may seem as though you can figure out how to make little (or even big) repairs all by yourself but this is actually a recipe for disaster! You’re not a dentist. What you need, however, is to contact your local dentist today if you think you may require assistance with your prosthetic!

Maintain Your Prosthetic With Ease

Once you receive a dental prosthetic to complete your smile, you want your grin to remain safe and sound, of course, To do so, contact our team as soon as you can to ensure you’re up-to-date on your checkups! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.