Avoid A Broken Tooth This Summer!

Remember that summertime happens to bring with it something that you’d probably rather not think about but that our Virginia Beach, VA team feels compelled to bring up: A greater likelihood of ending up with a broken tooth! If you never really connected the dots between this seasonal shift and the potential for smile damage, it’s not surprising! However, as we are a team of dental professionals, these are the types of trends we recognize. With that said, take just a moment from your day to think through some ways you can easily avoid serious smile damage as the weather heats up!

Watch For Seeds And Pits Of All Kinds!

There are lots and lots of seeds out there. There are seeds in fruits, such as watermelons. There are seeds sprinkled onto breads. There are pits in the center of fruits. There are pits in olives. Here’s what your Virginia Beach dentist would like you to remember about this: All seed and pits pose a risk. When you bite into them with enough force (and it doesn’t always require that much force), you could end up with a broken tooth. With that said, simply remember to be very thoughtful about looking at what you’re about to eat, cutting it into pieces if necessary, and remembering that even seedless varieties of fruits may still contain a hard seed or two.

Be Careful When It’s Time To Swim!

Ah, yes! That lovely benefit of summer: Swimming! While this can be a perfectly safe experience, your Virginia Beach dentist warns that it can also lead to a broken tooth (or, worse yet, multiple broken teeth). You’re dealing with slippery surfaces that are extremely hard. So, don’t run, be thoughtful about how you get in and out of the pool, and pay attention to what’s going on around you, so you avoid strong impacts!

Need Something? Don’t Wait.

If you need a dental filling or you already know that your tooth is in danger of breaking, we strongly suggest you get going on coming in for dental care! Perhaps you just suspect something might be up with your oral health. Remember, prevention is always worth the effort. Don’t let summer fun distract you from taking care of your teeth. Simply taking time to see us and to receive a restoration for something like a cavity can save you from dealing with a broken tooth!

Keep Your Smile Safe From Breakage

Remember that you can easily enjoy your summer, while you keep your smile safe from some common culprits that may lead to a broken tooth. Need our care? Just let us know! We are here to help your smile! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.