Gingivitis: What Aren’t You Realizing Just Yet?

How much do you think you really know about gingivitis, our Virginia Beach, VA team wonders? Would you say that you know it’s bad for your oral health and that it has something to do with your gums? Are you aware that if you don’t floss, then it will probably happen to you? Is this about the full extent of your gum disease knowledge? If so, then we recognize that you may have some understanding of the basics of the cause-and-effect relationship between smile care and gum problems but not enough! Learn more from your Virginia Beach dentist, so you feel completely prepared (and proud) to practice excellent prevention!

Flossing Is Definitely A Huge Factor

Something you may not necessarily recognize yet about gingivitis is that if you aren’t flossing, you’re pretty much headed straight toward this first but potentially damaging phase of gum disease! Remember, the reason you floss is because every single day, bacteria-filled plaque makes its way over your entire smile and between your teeth, too. Oh, and it moves beneath your gumline. As a result, if you aren’t using floss to clean between teeth and just beneath your gum tissue, you’re leaving gum-disease-causing bacteria in direct contact with your gums, where they will proliferate, release irritating acids, and where plaque will harden (we call its new form tartar). Keep in mind that even with the best of brushing, you cannot completely clean these areas. Your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that floss is absolutely a necessity just once daily.

Brushing And Cleanings? Also Serious Contributors!

Yes, of course, you definitely need to floss. However, don’t forget that your brushing and your cleanings with us are both key, as well. Why do you need these, you ask, in terms of gingivitis prevention? Well your floss gets between your teeth and just beneath your gumline in these areas. However, remember that your brushing also removes a significant amount of plaque, debris, etc. from teeth (which includes at and beneath your gumline, as well). Anything left behind in all of these areas is removed during our cleanings with you, which includes both plaque and the tartar your brush and floss cannot erase.

A Swift Change In Hormones Plays A Role

Remember that any swift change in your hormones, which might include pregnancy (or puberty for younger patients), and more, can make you much more vulnerable to gingivitis. With that said, schedule your checkups with your Virginia Beach dentist always, every six months, or come in for an additional checkup if you see symptoms.

Protect Yourself From Gum Disease

Remember that you can easily protect yourself from gum disease when you are fully informed about how it happens and you remember to keep up with your prevention. Schedule a checkup with us soon! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.