Morning Sickness: Your Virginia Beach Dentist Offers Support!

You may not remember a time in which you felt congratulations and sympathy were in order quite so much as this very moment! You’re extremely excited to be an expectant mother but you’re also dealing with morning sickness that is making it very uncomfortable to get through your daily life and even more difficult to feel you’re taking care of your oral health. While your main goal is finding a way to feel better, you’d also really love to know what to do about protecting your smile! Of course, your Virginia Beach dentist has all the suggestions you need. (Remember, we would also love to see you at our Virginia Beach, VA practice to help guide your smile during this special time!).

Reduce Strong Scents, Flavors, Etc.

Your Virginia Beach dentist knows that if you’re experiencing morning sickness, it’s something that is not necessarily made better by the scent of your toothpaste, the flavor of your dental floss, etc. Instead, you may even find a once pleasant toothpaste flavor to be overpowering if not down right yucky. You have a couple options here. Find a flavor that doesn’t bother you through trial and error. Or, perhaps an easier route? Look for gentle, very plain flavors and scents, so you can keep protecting your oral health.

Wait Until Your Body Is Ready For Brushing!

You may not be ready to brush your teeth at the same time anymore. Perhaps you used to be able to eat breakfast, sip some water, and then brush after a half hour or so. Maybe you used to brush right when you woke up in the morning. However, now those times are filled with nausea. No problem. Don’t force anything! Instead, find your new norm that allows you to brush twice daily and floss once when you’re not feeling overcome with morning sickness, suggests your Virginia Beach dentist.

Get In The Habit Of Rinsing!

You may strictly be dealing with nausea, which means you’re having a somewhat okay time protecting your teeth by simply changing up your routine and products. However, if vomiting is part of your experience, you might be on high alert because you know that this increase in acidity can harm your oral health! We know that this isn’t a delightful experience and that you may be concerned about your enamel or developing tooth decay. However, the good news is that you can combat much of that acid by simply getting used to rinsing thoroughly with water to protect your mouth!

Follow Up With Our Team

Don’t forget that we are always here to help. Have more questions? Worried about your smile? Call us.

Receive Oral Health Protection During Pregnancy

Don’t stay away from dental care and our practice throughout your pregnancy. Remember instead that it is very important to keep up with your care as usual, so you can maintain optimal oral health! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.