Water, Water, Everywhere: Including Dental Care!

You may hear a lot about how great water is for your oral health. However, as far as you know, it’s not bad for your smile but you don’t really know how you should be using it exactly or the ways it’s beneficial to your grin. Though, since it’s quite accessible and you really do like to protect your teeth and gums and long-term smile health, you may have begun wondering lately: Are you missing out on any impactful details that could be making your life easier? Our Virginia Beach, VA team encourages you to take just a moment, as you consider some helpful answers from your Virginia Beach dentist.

Do I Need To Clean My Brush With Boiling Water?

Your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that, though it seems like you should probably be doing something to truly blast bacteria off of your toothbrush, there’s no need to go to extremes. Remember, your mouth and much of the world is full of bacteria! What you need is simply to keep your toothbrush rinsed and dry. How to do this, you ask? It’s easy! First, once you’re done brushing, take a moment to hold the head of your toothbrush under running water, as you use your thumb or other fingers to thoroughly remove any remaining toothpaste. Then, tap off excess moisture and leave the brush in a cup or holder (bristles up) out in the open, where the brush can dry! You do not need to use boiling water or anything else to keep this item safe for use.

Does Rinsing With Water Really Help?

It really does! You may not recognize just how powerful it can be for the beauty of your smile and your long-term oral health to rinse with water. Remember, when you eat, any pigments that rest on your teeth can also penetrate your enamel and leave stains. When you rinse with water, you remove them, so stains cannot develop (or develop at a much slower pace). When you eat, you leave behind food particles that may encourage problems like gingivitis or tooth decay. When you rinse them away with water, the threat is significantly limited. So, follow snacks and other beverages with water, suggests your Virginia Beach dentist.

Is Flavored Water Safe For My Smile?

If sugar or any acidic ingredients have been added, then the “water drink” becomes potentially damaging to your oral health! Keep an eye on ingredient lists just to be safe.

Get Common Questions Answered!

When you have dental care questions that you would like to ask but you feel they are too common or little to ask, remember to ask! Always come in for the care you need and the answers you seek. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.