Weird Things You Might Say When You Have Bruxism

When you have bruxism disorder but you don’t quite know it yet, there are some things you may be saying that (if you know what to pay attention to), could tip you off to this oral health issue! So, take a moment with our Virginia Beach, VA team to review some seemingly weird things you may find yourself yelling out that might suggest it’s high time to schedule a visit with your Virginia Beach dentist!

My Face Hurts!

Do you remember having said that your face hurts recently? If so, this may strike you as odd. That is, until you realize that facial pain is a frequent symptom associated with bruxism disorder. Why is this? Well, when you’re grinding and/or clenching your teeth, the pressure and the associated friction can aggravate your nerves. The discomfort may radiate into your face, where you notice the problem. Does this sound familiar? If so, schedule a visit with your Virginia Beach dentist soon.

My Tongue Looks Funny

Have you muttered under your breath during a dental hygiene session that your tongue looks funny? Is this because you happened to notice that instead of the edges of your tongue looking smooth, the border instead looks to have scalloped pattern? Again, this points to possible bruxism disorder, so call your Virginia Beach dentist up soon for a visit!

My Jaw Feels So Tight!

This one could mean that you have TMJ disorder or bruxism disorder. Or, it could mean both! Remember that when your jaw is feeling exhausted, sore, etc., it could be from too much motion due to grinding and clenching, too much shock absorption, or you may have an existing problem with your jaw joints. When you allow your Virginia Beach dentist to examine your smile, you’ll have answers and treatment in no time.

I Do Not Making Weird Teeth Noises!

We know that you might feel annoyed by someone close to you (or perhaps even an acquaintance) who suddenly informs you that you’re making loud, weird noises with your teeth. How offensive and strange, right? Well, not necessarily. This may be a sign that you have bruxism disorder! Remember that you don’t always realize it on your own but others may pick up on your grinding or clenching. If this happens, try not to be upset by it and instead, use it as a good reason to contact us to schedule a visit!

See Us When You Suspect Bruxism

When you realize you’re experiencing strange symptoms you cannot explain and they might be related to bruxism disorder, don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule a visit with our team soon to learn more about your smile. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.