3 Reminders From Your Restorative Dentist: About Chewing!

You might not necessarily realize right off the bat that any chewing problems you have been having might be related to your need for some type of smile repair. Remember, when your oral health isn’t at its best, you can end up with some functional difficulties, which can be as simple as having trouble chewing your food! What to do, you ask our Virginia Beach, VA team? Well, your restorative dentist reminds you that fixing whatever is wrong with your smile is the way to go! Consider helpful reminders about things you may not have recognized just yet!

#1: If You Have Missing Teeth, It’s Problematic!

Your Virginia Beach restorative dentist reminds you that if you have missing teeth, this becomes quite problematic for your ability to chew. Of course, you may think that missing just a tooth or two is no big deal but it actually can have a strong impact on your ability to enjoy your food! You may find that it takes longer to eat. You may find that there are certain foods that are just too hard to break down. You might find that food gets trapped while you chew, making it more laborious once you’re through. You may also find that you have to chew differently, which can stress your jaw joints and lead to TMJ issues! The answer? Replace missing teeth!

#2: If Your Restorations Are Damaged, It’s Problematic!

Are your restorations damaged? Your Virginia Beach restorative dentist wants you to remember that even the slightest bit of damage can throw off your bite’s balance. It can cause discomfort. It can make chewing more difficult and lead to many of the problems that come about when you’re missing some of your teeth. So, don’t put off any required repairs, whether it’s for a filling, a crown, a bridge, or otherwise! Instead, come in for the fix you need, so you’re not unintentionally sabotaging your smile health!

#3: If Your Teeth Need Repairs, It’s Problematic!

Perhaps your teeth themselves require repairs but you haven’t followed through on coming in to see your Virginia Beach restorative dentist for care just yet. Keep in mind that addressing decay, infection, damage, and more will help you chew! Your teeth won’t hurt, you won’t have to avoid using them any longer, and you’ll know you can simply dig into any dish or snack without hesitation.

See Us For Restorative Care That Promotes Easy Chewing

Remember that in addition to enjoying a slew of other benefits as a result of receiving restorative care from our team, you can also look forward to improved chewing when your smile is safe and whole. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.