Losing Invisalign Trays? Your Virginia Beach Dentist Helps!

There’s just something about Invisalign trays that makes them exceptionally easy to lose! That is, assuming you don’t have some very helpful hints in order that your Virginia Beach dentist is always more than happy to share (and to re-share with you). Not sure about how to keep up with your clear aligner trays but you would definitely love to do your absolute best and are open to suggestions? Allow our Virginia Beach, VA team to help with that!

Never Just Set Them Down

When you’re at your house, a relative’s house, etc., one thing you want to remember is that you should absolutely never absent-mindedly take your Invisalign treatment trays out of your mouth and set them down. In the moment, it may seem like no biggie. However, you can quickly find that this actually is a big deal for your Invisalign treatment experience when you cannot remember where you set them. Every time they come out of your mouth, reminds your Virginia Beach dentist, you should have a specific plan for where they’re going and how you will retrieve them! Get in the habit and this will become second nature.

Always Place Them In A Storage Case

We remind you that a good plan to have, particularly as you consider the aforementioned suggestion? Keep a storage case with you. That way, you’ll always reach for the case, into which you can quickly pop your Invisalign treatment trays! The second part of this important suggestion? Always have a plan for where that case is going to be. Whether you keep it on you (in a bag, a pocket, etc.) or you keep it nearby, don’t absent-mindedly set down the case! Then, you’ll always have them safe and sound, explains your Virginia Beach dentist.

Have A Plan When You’re Out

When you’re out at a restaurant, a coffee house, or anywhere else, you will realize this really changes things. Maybe you don’t have any room to have your case with you. Perhaps you don’t want anyone to see you take your Invisalign treatment trays out of your mouth. The result? You may be tempted to carefully hide them in a napkin. This can turn disastrous when you forget what you’ve done and you end up leaving them behind. Remember to simply come up with a strategy ahead of time, whether that includes finding a way to keep your case with you or choosing to leave trays at home (with plans of returning home to place them back in your mouth without overstepping your daily allotted time for removal).

Take Our Invisalign Tray Advice

Remember the suggestions provided to you by your Virginia Beach dentist when you’re doing your best with your Invisalign treatment! Let us know if you need additional help with your trays and we will be happy to offer more advice. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.