Sleep Apnea: It Impacts A Village!

You might think that the only person dealing with the tremendously frustrating and exhausting side effects of sleep apnea is you. However, guess what? Our Virginia Beach, VA team has some news for you that may cause a bit of shock and awe (and may even change your perspective in terms of why it’s so pressing for you to visit us for sleep apnea treatment): It’s having an impact on just about everyone you come into contact with, some more than others! Learn more about what we mean and then see us pronto!

Of Course, It Does Affect You

Okay, before we get ahead of ourselves here, we remind you that of course sleep apnea affects you and that it primarily impacts you. This is because you’re the one whose brain isn’t receiving enough oxygen every night, you’re the one who is waking up over and over in an effort to breathe, and you are the one who goes through this night after night. With that said, we remind you that by scheduling time to talk about sleep apnea treatment, you can quickly get on the road toward exceptional improvement.

It Impacts The Person Sleeping Next To You

Now, your Virginia Beach dentist would like to branch out every so slightly by talking about the fact that your sleep apnea is certainly impacting you and that it may also be impacting the person sleeping next to you! When you share a bed, every time you snore loudly, make a choking sound, gasp for air, etc., you’re probably waking the person next to you (or making it difficult to achieve deep sleep). So, it’s not only good for you to receive sleep apnea treatment but it’s good for the person you love and for your relationship, too!

The Kids Down The Hall Might Hear You!

You may not exactly be rattling the doors and windows with your sleep apnea and the snoring that comes with it. However, remember that individuals with very good hearing and who sleep within earshot of you may be able to hear the choking sounds and your excessive snoring! Keep this is mind and get started with treatment ASAP, suggests your Virginia Beach dentist.

You’re Cranky, So, It’s Affecting Everyone Around You

Feeling a little out of sorts? Exceptionally cranky? Sleep apnea will do that to you and, since you probably communicate with lots of people on a daily basis, this irritability may impact everyone around you! Make things better by treating your sleep disorder soon.

Address Sleep Concerns ASAP

Stop ignoring the fact that something is off with your sleep and instead, come in to learn more from our team about whether sleep apnea and heavy snoring are affecting you! Follow through with treatment for improvement! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.