Your Virginia Beach Dentist Says: Don’t Feel Guilty About Teeth Whitening

Are you experiencing feelings of guilt when you think about coming in to see our Virginia Beach, VA team for teeth whitening? Of course, the hope is that you’ll simply feel over-the-moon happy about the opportunity to enjoy a much more vibrant smile! With that said, we also know that there are many particulars and complexities that come into play when you’re thinking about making smile improvements with the help of cosmetic care! So, without further ado, let’s address areas of potential concern, so you can transform those negative feelings into positive ones!

You’re Not Doing Anything Bad To Your Teeth

If you try to whiten on your own at home with over-the-counter methods, then yes, you may be putting your smile at risk. However, when you choose teeth whitening with our practice, you can rest easy. Your smile is safe!

We Only Provide It If Your Smile Is Healthy!

You may feel guilty because you’re planning on coming in to receive teeth whitening, even though you know you really should be taking care of your cavities, gum problems, etc. Good news: This isn’t something you need to worry about because it’s not going to happen! We remind you that the only way we can practice cosmetic care, such as whitening, is if your smile is healthy enough to receive it. If not, we will require you to address problems first (such as with restorative treatments). Then, you’ll be ready!

It’s Not A Huge Expenditure

Of course, any cosmetic care that you select from a professional dental practice requires an investment. However, we remind you that within the range of treatments you can receive, whitening is often favored as a budget-friendly and impressive option!

If It’s Not Whitening, It Can Be Something Else

You may feel guilty because you feel like you’re going to go through the motions of receiving teeth whitening, which will mean effort on our side of things, effort on your side of things, and for what? You worry your smile will not end up looking at bright and vibrant as you’re hoping because it’s already quite stained, which causes you some guilt. Perhaps it’s a waste of everyone’s time, you think to yourself. Good news: We’re pretty good judges of whether whitening is suited to your needs or not (and you are never a waste of our time!). Remember: If you need something more intensive than traditional whitening, we offer bonding and veneers, too! There’s definitely an answer.

Feel Amazing About Whitening Your Grin 

Enjoy the much brighter grin you’re hoping for by simply coming in to see your Virginia Beach dentist! Receive the cosmetic care that your smile needs in order to wave goodbye to your discoloration. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.