Your Virginia Beach Dentist Says: Don’t Forget About…

There are things that you never forget about. Why is that? Well, because for as far back as you can probably remember, you have been told to brush your teeth. You’ve been told to floss. You’ve been reminded to be careful that you don’t eat too much sugar. You’ve been informed that you should visit your dentist! These things stay with you and are certainly beneficial to your oral health. However, your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you of some of the other things that are equally important (but that you might not so readily recall). Let’s cover some of them, so you feel sure you’re doing right by your smile! Have questions? Just let our Virginia Beach, VA team know!

Your Tongue Care!

Surprise! Your teeth need to be brushed every single day, twice daily, and your tongue needs dental care, too! Your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that, though this may seem an afterthought, brushing your tongue (or cleansing it with a tongue scraper) is actually more significant to the success of your oral health than you may realize. Your tongue traps lots of bacteria and food debris, so keep it clean!

Your Gum Tissue

You’re aware that you should floss every day. However, do you realize that you need to be mindful of your gum health just as much as you do of your teeth health? Your gums act as the framework that support your teeth. When they decline, the entirety of your oral health becomes compromised. So, remember: Brush twice a day (including along your gumline). Floss once daily. Always be gentle. When your gums look puffy, red, or any other change occurs, contact us for a perio appointment ASAP!

Protecting All Dental Work

So, now you’re remembering to protect your teeth, your tongue, and your gums! Is there anything left, you wonder? Your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that the answer is yes! If you have any dental work at all, from a filling to a dental bridge, these parts of your smile must be kept safe. By practicing optimal prevention, you’re already doing your best. With that said, if you notice any changes or discomfort at the site of dental work, always contact us right away.

Using Essential Treatments

Do you have a treatment provided by your Virginia Beach dentist? Make sure you use it or you may sabotage your smile!

Set Up Checkups When You Need Answers

Remember that in addition to scheduling dental checkups for yourself when you need your twice-annual preventive care, you should also visit us when you have questions or need additional help! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.