Your Virginia Beach Dentist Says: Don’t Make TMD Worse! 

When you deal with TMJ disorder, one of your first questions is often what is causing it! The fact of the matter is that you may or may not be able to trace the problem back to one or even several definite causes, explains your Virginia Beach dentist. What you can do, however, is strive to remove potentially contributing factors that may have had something to do with its development and that will definitely make things worse for your jaw joints! Learn more with our Virginia Beach, VA team, as we highlight some easy-to-avoid culprits from your daily life!


How’s that for an abbreviation? Your Virginia Beach dentist knows that in many cases, patients think that if they are just thoughtful about stretching out their jaw joints, they’ll be able to help the muscles surrounding their jaw joints, so they can relax. However, it’s much more complex than this. Certainly, the muscles may play a role but remember that we’re speaking about your joints. Unfortunately, while you have the best of intentions for your oral health, any amount of stretching or other “good ideas” may actually prove to be contributing factors that will make matters worse, as you strain your TMJs further. Do yourself a favor. Don’t engage in any DIY TMJ treatment (or, do-it-yourself, temporomandibular joint disorder treatments, to spell things out clearly). Instead, talk about a good approach with our team!

Missed Checkups

You might not have seen this one coming! However, we remind you that you cannot always tell that TMJ disorder is happening. As it develops, particularly if it’s not related to an obvious injury, it may be a silent problem that is occurring without any very clear symptoms. Remember that when you’re keeping up with dental checkups with us twice a year, we pick up on subtle nuances and listen to what you have to say, thereby often detecting a problem you haven’t recognized yet. The result? We can begin TMJ treatment immediately, so it doesn’t worsen!

Tension, Tension, Tension

What is happening during the day that’s causing you to tense up your jaw joints? Are you pressing your teeth together as you concentrate at work or use the computer? Are you holding your neck at a strange, tense angle as you look at things on your phone? Run through your day (your entire day) and identify moments during which you need to remind yourself to relax your jaw, reminds your Virginia Beach dentist!

Improve Your TMJ Health With Us

Remember to come in to let us know if you feel you are having any type of problem with your jaw joints. In addition to offering you comfortable, non-invasive treatment, we can offer lifestyle changes for improvement! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.