Your Virginia Beach Dentist Talks: Things You Haven’t Heard Of!

Your Virginia Beach dentist knows that since you’re a patient who is dedicated to your oral health, you have probably amassed quite an in-depth knowledge of the good (and the not so good) associated with your smile. So, when something like a cavity shows up, you know to call us and that you’ll need some sort of restorative care, such as a dental filling. However, you may occasionally find yourself somewhat stunned by something you have never heard of before! If you find yourself suddenly asking, “What on earth is that?” remember: Our Virginia Beach, VA team is always here to answer questions and to offer any care you need! Consider examples, as you add just a bit more info to your smile-related knowledge bank!

Tori: What Are Those?

If you think that you might be the first person to come in to our practice, asking your Virginia Beach dentist about those growths in your mouth, then think again: If they’re under your tongue, on the cheek side above your back molars, etc., then you’re probably experiencing something that isn’t uncommon. It’s also probably perfectly okay. They’re called tori! They’re essentially just benign bony growths that may cause you some alarm but that are actually not harmful unless they are somehow getting in the way of your daily use of your smile! Come in to learn more.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome: See Us Frequently.

Cracked tooth syndrome. It’s something that you may not have heard of before but it’s a real thing! In this case, you may end up with some very tiny cracks in your teeth that can lead to serious sensitivity. However, they’re nothing that you can see and they can even prove difficult for dental professionals to see! So, how to find out what’s going on, to solve the problem, and to get away from discomfort? As always, you need to schedule a visit with your Virginia Beach dentist! As we monitor your oral health, detecting and treating this and any other concern is something we can do for you!

Mamelons: They’re A-OK.

What’s a mamelon, you wonder? Is it bad? Is it something that you should or shouldn’t be dealing with? The truth is, you probably won’t ever hear this term unless you realize you have some extra ridges or bumps on your incisors. Though it sounds exotic, this is really just a word that refers to the natural bumps that form on your tooth’s edge as the multiple lobes of tissue come together during tooth development. You end up with a whole tooth with ridges, which generally wear away during childhood as a result of daily smile use. If not, however, simply talk with your Virginia Beach dentist, so you can receive cosmetic care to gently and easily remove them (if you dislike how they look).

See Us For All Dental Care Needs

Schedule your dental checkups and cleanings with us twice every year for optimal prevention. Remember to call us for additional checkups and visits, when necessary, so we may help you with all smile care needs! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.