Consider 3 Things To Support Sleep Apnea Treatment

Perhaps you have already begun receiving sleep apnea treatment and you were thinking that as long as you wear your oral appliance, improvement is a sure thing! Or, maybe you are considering it but you’ve been wondering if there’s anything else involved, since it only makes sense that there may be some daily factors that come into play. Whatever the case, keep this in mind: The bulk of your improvement will certainly come from receiving personalized treatment from our Virginia Beach, VA team! Then, in addition, you can make very good choices that will support that treatment for even better success. Let your Virginia Beach dentist offer some examples!

#1: Your Sleeping Position

Your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that one of the things you can take seriously and give some attention to is your sleeping position. Of course, if you have slept on your back your entire life, you may feel as though changing this is impossible. With that said, it is actually something you can train yourself to do and it’s a good idea. Sleeping on your side or even your stomach helps keep tissues from blocking your throat. Give it a try, so you can help your sleep apnea treatment work even better!

#2: Anything That’s Relaxing Your Muscles (Artificially)

If you speak with us during a checkup about your sleep apnea and one of the major lifestyle factors that can get in the way of sleep apnea treatment, we will remind you: Anything you’re doing, from drinking alcohol to taking a muscle relaxer that relaxes your tissues is going to make it harder for sleep apnea treatment to work. Your Virginia Beach dentist asks that you keep this in mind!

#3: Anything That’s Keeping You Awake

While this is not directly related to your sleep apnea, if you are doing something that makes it impossible for you to fall asleep and stay asleep, you won’t even get to the point of allowing your sleep apnea treatment to work! So, remember to do your best to avoid things that may inhibit your sleep. For instance, be careful with your caffeine intake, try to stop looking at your phone and other screens before bedtime, and remember that alcohol will both relax your muscles initially and then may wake you up after you have fallen asleep! Skip potential culprits, so you can simply drift off to dreamland.

Come In For Sleep Support

Tell us if you are having trouble with your nightly rest or you suspect a problem is unfolding, even if you have no memory of the event. We offer sleep apnea treatment that may guide you back to successful sleep. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.