Your Cosmetic Dentist Discusses: Concerns About Tooth Dimensions

If you think that you’re the first to come along and let your Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist know that you’re really not very thrilled with the shape or size of one tooth or with the general shape of all of your teeth, we remind you: This is a common area of concern! With that said, what you want to become more familiar with, of course, is what you can do to make things better. To begin, our Virginia Beach, VA team reminds you that you should most definitely come in soon for a consultation, so we can help you work out what you dislike, what you’d like, and how we can get you there!

Teeth That Seem Too Long

Do your teeth seem too long? If so, you’re not stuck with this dilemma forever. Instead, you will be pleased to learn that your Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist can help you with this issue! Remember that we provide dental contouring, which is a cosmetic treatment that will allow us to gently and accurately remove a very small amount of your enamel, thereby shortening your tooth to match or more beautifully blend with those around it. Have questions about addressing one long tooth or many long teeth? Just come in for additional details!

Teeth That Are Too Short

On the other hand, you are not concerned at all about the lengthiness of your teeth but instead, you wish you had longer teeth? Maybe you look at your smile and think that your teeth look sort of short (or you’re dealing with one shorter tooth that’s not quite reaching the length of the rest). When this is the case, your Virginia Beach cosmetic dentist comes through for you with dental bonding. Instead of removing tissue, we make it look like you have more with the careful application of color-matched composite.

Teeth That Appear Skinny

Would you say that your teeth don’t necessarily look long … or too short … but they appear skinny and they have some space around them? Remember, it’s often just an illusion. A bit of space on either side of your teeth can mess with proportions. Generally speaking, you probably need bonding or veneers to close those spaces, so teeth look slightly wider and all is in balance.

Address Shape Issues For A Beautiful Grin

Come in when you feel upset by the appearance of individual teeth or your entire smile as a result of the dimensions and shape of your teeth. Learn more about how cosmetic care can work for you! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.