Your Virginia Beach Dentist Explains: Keeping Teeth Bright

When you realize you want your smile to look whiter, you go through a journey toward becoming familiar with cosmetic dental care, then following through with teeth whitening with our Virginia Beach, VA team, which leads you to your current state of reality: You have a brilliant white smile! So, what does the next chapter hold? Well, you have probably realized that now your journey includes figuring out how to maintain that vibrancy for as long as possible! The best way to find helpful answers? By learning more from your Virginia Beach dentist, of course!

Get Real: Your Brushing Is Essential!

Once you have received absolutely any type of dental care, which means cosmetic care is included, it is essential that you’re serious about your brushing. When you brush your teeth twice a day, you remove plaque, its harmful bacteria, you remove debris, and you keep your entire smile clean! In terms of teeth whitening, your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that brushing helps you prevent future stains by removing the aforementioned materials, as well as pigments that lead to discoloration.

Guess What? Flossing Is Essential, Too

Didn’t think you were going to get out of flossing that easily, did you? Of course, assuming you’re already someone who follows our suggestions for dental care and flosses once a day, we are happy to inform you that you’re right on track. Remember that if you neglect the cleansing of those little areas just between neighboring teeth or at your gumline, stains may develop, leaving you with an unevenly discolored grin! So, keep that dental hygiene complete and on track, suggests your Virginia beach dentist.

Oops, Don’t Miss Your Dental Cleanings!

You’ve received teeth whitening, you know that you should brush and floss, but you wonder: Is there anything else to keep your smile vibrant? Of course. Remember to also come in for your dental cleanings, which will offer additional cleansing and stain prevention (as well as protection for your oral health).

Watch For Staining And Acidic Items

Though we don’t expect you to completely remove them from your life, we do remind you that staining foods, as well as very acidic foods, may dim your recently brightened smile. Always remember that the results of your teeth whitening will remain more vibrant if you keep your smile clean, so if you choose to eat staining stuff, rinse with water right away (then brush, when you can).

Come In For Whitening And Whitening Tips

Remember that we are here not only to provide you with the teeth whitening treatment you need for a safe and effective finish but we will also guide you through post-treatment, so you may maintain your bright smile. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.