Your Virginia Beach Dentist Says: Give These 4 Things Up Today

What might you be doing that is putting your oral health in harm’s way … that you’re not even aware is dangerous for your smile? Our Virginia Beach, VA team knows that there are sometimes things that shock you just a bit when you’ve been doing what you feel is your absolute best to protect your teeth, keep your smile looking good, etc. Start by considering some serious examples that your Virginia Beach dentist has to offer in terms of offenders to give up right away. Then, for a thorough look into how you might better protect your grin, come in for a checkup!

#1: OTC Whitening Treatments

Do you love using whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, or other forms of home teeth whitening treatments (that we haven’t provided you)? If so, your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that this is something you should give up immediately. You might not be seeing the results you want. Or, you may be using treatments over and over in order to achieve the results you want. What you aren’t realizing is that you’re causing damage and the esthetic improvement won’t last. Come in. We can offer safe care.

#2: Charcoal Toothpaste

Are you enjoying the use of a tube of charcoal toothpaste these days, which you regard as a safe and natural way to keep your smile bright and free of stains? Your Virginia Beach dentist suggests you toss this out, too. It seems very cool and might have even given you some of the brightening you were hoping to achieve. However, the reason this is happening? You’re scraping that discoloration away! Over time, you’ll scrape your enamel away and then you’ll be in big trouble (and your yellow dentin might be showing through, thereby creating the look of a yellowed smile). Come in for cosmetic care instead!

#3: Your Ice Eating Habit

Yum! Ice! It’s cool. It’s hydrating. It’s not going to add to your caloric intake for the day. Unfortunately, reminds your Virginia Beach dentist, whether you’re eating cubes, crushed, or anything else, it’s not a good plan. It’s very hard and can contribute to lots of oral health issues, from cracked teeth to TMJ disorder.

#4: Your Get-In-Bed Before Brushing Habit

Brush your teeth at night. Then get into bed. Otherwise, you may fall asleep without completing your dental hygiene, which is bad news if it happens even once!

Avoid Common Mistakes By Seeing Us

Don’t assume that you’re vulnerable to a whole host of dangers you can never fully comprehend. Instead, come in for a dental checkup with us to learn about how to best protect your oral health! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.