Your Virginia Beach Restorative Dentist Helps With Your Cavity! 

So, you find out that you have a cavity. You’re not thrilled with this notion but you are aware that there’s help on the horizon, thanks to the fact that you’re a patient at our Virginia Beach, VA dental care practice! That is, you feel certain we can help you but you’re entirely sure about how to take the necessary steps to get from your tooth pain that’s very likely decay to a tooth that feels good and has been treated with our dental care (so that it’s healthy again). The answer? Allow your Virginia Beach restorative dentist to offer the simple advice you require!

Don’t Mess With It

Your Virginia Beach restorative dentist knows that it’s just human nature to try to fix things on your own. While you may have the urge to reach in there with your fingers to try to investigate what you figure is a cavity, to press on your tooth to see if it hurts, and more, it’s better not to. When you do so, you may make matters worse and cause yourself additional irritation. Try to leave the tooth alone and instead, focus on coming in for a checkup!

Get In Touch With Us ASAP

Yep, as mentioned, what you really need to do is schedule a visit with your Virginia Beach restorative dentist! It may turn out that you do, indeed, have a cavity. Or, it may turn out that you are dealing with some other issue that feels like tooth decay, such as a small crack or infection. Whatever the case, a solid diagnosis is necessary in order for you to move forward with us, as we solve the problem.

Schedule The Treatment We Recommend

Once we determine the cause of your discomfort and we find that you have tooth decay, it will be time to treat it! Remembering, you need to address a cavity not long after it is detected to stop it from causing further harm, discomfort, etc. In general, decay will require the placement of a beautiful, tooth-colored filling from your Virginia Beach restorative dentist!

Address Any Factors Contributing To Decay

If there’s anything you can change that may have contributed to your cavity (such as lax dental hygiene, skipped dental cleanings, etc.), it’s time to change them, so you can avoid additional decay in the future!

Make Your Smile Safe With Our Care

Address any existing tooth decay by coming in to see your Virginia Beach restorative dentist for the treatment you require. Then, follow through with consistent prevention to get back into the no-cavity club for a healthy smile! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.