Your Virginia Beach Dentist Addresses: Invisalign Uncertainty!

There are lots of amazing options out there, when you’re looking into the very big, wide world of dental care. You can fix problems. You can prevent problems. You can make your teeth whiter. You can even move your teeth into alignment! Yep, it’s true. You can attain a straight smile with our Virginia Beach, VA team, if you wish, and we ensure this is an option by offering something called Invisalign treatment. Heard of it before but you have lingering doubts, questions, or uncertainty that has kept you from discussing your smile with our Virginia Beach dentist? It’s time to voice those personal questions (but we’re happy to get you started with some general ones).

Can My Smile Stay Straight Forever?

You might feel excited at the prospect of Invisalign treatment trays for your smile. The idea of a straighter smile sounds absolutely fantastic! However, there’s this little question in the back of your mind that keeps causing you to wonder if you’re going to put time and effort into getting your smile into alignment, only for it to shift back later. Here’s the easy answer, according to your Virginia Beach dentist: Your smile will remain in beautiful alignment, as long as you wear your retainers. It’s really that simple. Follow our instructions and you’ll continue to enjoy success with your smile.

What If I Have Serious Misalignment Concerns?

Maybe you’re not worried about the potential outcome of Invisalign treatment with our Virginia Beach dentist. Instead, you’re not even sure that we’ll agree to let you rely on this course of action in order to align your grin! If it’s because you think your malocclusion is too severe, then we remind you of some very important factors:

  • First, what you find severe might not be severe at all, so it’s always best to check with us
  • Invisalign is actually much more versatile than you realize, treating mild to much more serious forms of misalignment
  • If for some reason our care does not suit your needs, we will most definitely refer you to a trusted orthodontist, so there’s always an answer!

Is It A Difficult Process?

Not at all. Like anything else, you will have to adjust to wearing Invisalign treatment trays but this will be quick. Remember, since they are clear and comfortable, you’ll adapt quickly (and since you can remove them, it makes life easy!).

Align Your Smile By Asking Questions First

Bring your questions in to our practice, where you will be met with all of the responses, information, advice, and care suggestions you can hope for! We are here to guide you and to guide your smile into alignment. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.