Your Virginia Beach Dentist Clarifies Treatment Uncertainty

One thing you know is that there are treatments for just about any dental concern you have. However, though you are aware that there’s something out there that suits your dental care needs, that doesn’t always mean you feel you have absolute clarity in terms of which treatment is best matched to a particular concern. Or, you may wonder if relying on one type of care is going to allow you to access additional care or not. While this may all sound a bit confusing, our Virginia Beach, VA team reminds you that this is one of the reasons it’s best to avoid making guesses and instead, to come in to see your Virginia Beach dentist when you need something. For now, a bit of clarification in regard to common questions!

Can I Choose Bonding And Also Contouring?

Your Virginia Beach dentist is very familiar with the fact that many patients are unsure about dental bonding and dental contouring. Primarily, the confusion is related to whether or not these treatments can be used in conjunction with one another or whether relying on one somehow cancels out candidacy for the other. If you had your fingers crossed, hoping that you could look forward to the benefits offered by both, then we have good news: You can most certainly expect to choose them as companion treatments to one another, should you need to not only add to your teeth but also take away from them, so your smile looks much nicer!

Doesn’t A Cavity Always Require A Filling?

You may expect to come in for a visit for a cavity with your Virginia Beach dentist and to be told no matter what that you require a dental filling to restore your oral health. However, that’s actually not always going to be the case. For many cavities, of course, a filling will save the day. However, for severe decay or a cavity and very damaged tooth, you may need a dental crown. If infection has developed, you may need a root canal treatment and a crown! Remember, it’s all about figuring out what each unique case requires.

Isn’t Invisalign Only For Super Mild Issues?

Your Virginia Beach dentist knows that you may think Invisalign is only for exceptionally mild concerns. However, the good news is that it’s for a shockingly diverse array of misalignment issues, including true issues with alignment like overbite, under bite, cross bite, and more!

Gain Treatment Clarity From Your Dentist

Ask your dentist all about dental treatments if you are uncertain about them. Gain the clarity you are looking for in terms of the care you want and need for your smile by coming in for a consultation with us! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.